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With an emphasis in Central California, Paynter Realty & Investments has earned wide respect as one of the leading developers of soundly conceived, successful shopping centers.

Established in 1988, Paynter Realty & Investments has developed in excess of 3.3 million square feet of shopping center space. Going forward, the company plans to continue its consistent development of new projects in its core area with plans to expand into Southern and Northern California. The company currently has development projects scheduled for 2014, with a total square footage of over 450,000 square feet.

Paynter Realty & Investments has achieved a stable and consistent pattern of growth by blending a hands-on business style with an ever-expanding internal financial strength and a technically expert management base. This rare combination of capabilities has allowed Paynter Realty & Investments to effectively develop a broad range of shopping centers with an emphasis on neighborhood and community sized centers. This also underscores the company’s expertise in such key disciplines as cash flow analysis, financial modeling, and cost benefit analysis.

These internal capabilities place Paynter Realty & Investments, Inc. among the leaders of “thinking developers” and combine with its entrepreneurial spirit to enable the company to prosper over the long term through varied economic conditions. In the process, the company has earned the genuine respect of the investment and corporate tenant communities.

An underlying strength of the company is its decisiveness in addressing and resolving challenges that occur during the real estate development process. It is here the reliability and traditional values exhibited in the company are most evident and place Paynter Realty & Investments, Inc. at the forefront of shopping center development, while minimizing the risk and maximizing returns associated with the development process.


Paynter Realty and Investments, Inc.
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